i’ve been uv’ed

Sony Nex Uved

Just finished uving, well I hope I’ve got it all.  You’ll probably see some of the seams, but since the texture isn’t very busy, it shouldn’t be noticeable.  I did the unwrapping for mostly the words that will be shown near the buttons.   Hopefully the texturing will be more engaging than uv unwrapping.

As far as the uv unwrapping goes, I’ve used pelting, cylinder, and planar.  Probably the most used is planar and pelting.  Just noticed that pelting is alright, but sometimes when you relax it, it gets really wonky.  It’s a hit or miss for me at least.  I guess the better the relax and pelting works if there aren’t a lot of faces/vertices on the given mesh. Well, it’s much faster than taking each face and stitching them together and hoping that that there aren’t any stretching.

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